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English Speaking Skills

Australia is following the globalisation trend at a pace faster than USA.
Manual and operative jobs are outsourced to markets with lower
manufacturing costs. Emerging jobs in hospitality, services, education,
and technology demand an effective command of English. You are required
to convince and liaise with people inside and outside your company. The
fundamental speaking skills are taken by granted.

Do we need to practice public speaking? or it is just enough to stand up
and speak out your any way.

If we look around the Globe we can find some examples of personal
success where English language knowledge is the reason why.
Certainly there are languages that are emerging by their own right, say
Chinese and Spanish. The business reality is that we have a common
language for this purpose which is the English language.

In this line, it is quite important to point the service provided by
institutions such as Rostrum.

I am a member of this group since 2006 and it is one of the best learning
chapters in my life. Join Rostrum now!

Some websites that can help you:

and try this great website :

Spanish Speaking Skills
There is a trend in the entertainment industrypromoting latin music such as
salsa, rumba etc.
You can go to many places in Sydney city where you can enjoy a dancing
time dancing or just a relaxing time listening latin music.

Many Australians are discovering that behind that easy atmosphere there is
a latin america language that expresses romantic and controversial feelings
and sensations.

Spanish Latino speaking skills- MyLatinOZ Sydney Group in FACEBOOK and
soon a fornightly gathering in the North Shore to practice it.